[HK2013] Hiking the Dragon’s Back

Never have I imagined, that I could find a nice hiking trail in a city. (there’s none of it in Singapore).. but there is… We hiked the Dragon’s Back Trail… It’s a ridge somewhere int he south east side of Hong Kong, between Wan Cham Shan and Shek O peak.

After the descend, we decided to spend some time chillin’ at Shek O beach…


[HK2013] Macau

31 Oct – 1 Nov 2013

Took a ferry to Macau. We didn’t gamble, but we just wanted to visit.. to see how it’s like.

In the ferry to Macau

We dropped our bags at our hotel, and headed to our first destination… Macau Tower…

…. and skyjumped.

It was a bit costly.. Probably the most expensive thing we did there.. (more than our accomodations combined, I think) But the thrill I got from the height was… 🙂

After that, we didn’t really know what to do.. so we boarded a random bus, and stopped at almost the last stop, and walked without an end destination in mind.

I have no idea where we were.

We found our way back to the Hotel without taking a cab. At that point of time, we were proud of ourselves. Haha…

Speaking of Hotel… The hotel we stayed at was quite awesome. It was about SGD200 for 1 night for 2 persons. For that kinda comfort, it was worth it, I think.

Sabby in the hotel lobby.

After showering and freshening up, we went out again….

Macau was nice. Even without the gambling, you can still have a relaxing time.. I think.

Heading back to HK

Last but not least…. a toilet selfie. Yes. we travelled light. That’s all we brought for 2 people for 7days. 🙂

[HK 2013] Halal Food

I’ve been to few places in Japan, Korea, and China…. I think it is easiest to find Halal restaurants in HK. It’s everywhere.

Lamb Briyani from Alladin Mess. The portion was SOOO BIG. we should’ve shared!

Alladin Mess in Causeway Bay.

Halal Dim Sum at Ammar Mosque. We went here a couple of times. My sis couldn’t get enough of it. haha.

Pizza in Ebeneezer…

Ebeneezer’s napkin. They have a few branches.

You can see the HALAL sign on the door for those Halal Restaurants. It’s quite clear and easy to find…

Indian restaurant near our hotel in Macau. Guess what, we didn’t learn our lesson. We should’ve ordered one. haha.

So yeah.. contrary to what you might have heard, Halal food is easy to find in Hong Kong! 🙂

[HK 2013] Ocean Park

We chose Ocean Park over Disneyland… just because.

one of the shop-lined streets in Ocean Park

Halloween deco in Ocean Park

The pole dancing Skeleton

Rides with a view

Over the hills and far away…

My sis finally got to see the giant panda

One of the many rides in Ocean Park

We, for one, enjoyed the rides immensely. It was a bummer that one of their famous rides was on maintenance. But we had fun. 🙂

[HK 2013] 2 Sisters in Hong Kong

29 October – 4 November 2013

My sis and I went on a trip to Hong Kong and Macau last year. It was pretty much an urban city, very much like Singapore… except that there is a certain charm to it that I can’t really explain. My sis and I, spent a lot of time just wandering the streets, taking in the sights and sounds.

Tram ride in Hong Kong

View from The Peak

Causeway Bay

Taken from the moving tram. Somewhere in Wanchai I think…

I love the buildings.

Sunset and Light Trails

The Hong Kong Skyline

Us exploring Nathan Road (near our hostel) at night.

[1457km] The Breakdown

Including the flight to Korea from Singapore, we could only afford 17 days of backpacking, even though I wished it was longer. Making use of 3 whole weekends, flying off on a Friday night, I only had to take 10 days of leave.

We took AirAsia X. The flight costed us about (plus-minus) SGD540 each…

Many might argue that a backpacking trip shouldn’t be too carefully and meticulously planned out. But we only had 17 days, and wanted to make the most out of it.

Prior to the trip, we budgeted about SGD 2343 (approx USD 1890)  for all our expenses during the length of our stay in Korea, domestic flight, food, miscellanous fees, entrances etc.. we even budgeted spare each day, just in case.


Here’s a screencap of our google docs excel sheet. This was done prior to the trip. It actually helped us alot.

We even broke down the transport expenses to the rides.


We researched all the costs and schedules from the following websites:

Before the trip, each of us put in equal amount of money. During the trip, I took care of the money for accomodation, Liana took care of food expenses, and Sab took care of everything else. (well, she is the one working in a finance department)…

We used the spare that we put aside to pay for our insurance in Jeju. (well, we did scratch and dented the car pretty badly). Because we roundup most of our expenses during budgeting, we ended up with some cash left by the time we reached Seoul. We divided the excess cash amongst the 3 of us, and used it to shop. (we got about 250,000 won each in shopping expenses at the end!)

In the end, for under SGD3000 (USD 2400), we got a full 17days trip inclusive of some shopping. A typical 6D4N free-and-easy tour package will easily cost you more than SGD1500.

All you need is a bit of research and lots of planning.

Contact me via twitter if you want to know more or want to see our full itinerary!
Twitter ID @nerdska

[1457km] D11-17: Seoul

17-21 October 2012

Seoul was a blur. Maybe because we’ve been here before in 2010. It was just shopping, meeting friends, making friends, listening to good music, and shopping again. All is good.

We were in Myeongdeong when we met the siblings selling bags. We were looking at bags when we heard “Sepuluh ribu, sepuluh ribu..” He just said ten thousand (won) in Indonesian! We ended up talking, and joking and laughing… (and buying a few bags of course)

With Siblings selling bags in Myeongdeong

With Siblings selling bags in Myeongdeong

The younger sibling even tried to feed us cake. When we refused, he did aegyo! And I thought it only happens in dramas and movies. Okay. Noona will eat, ok?

SRI_0409SRI_0419 SRI_0412

They even pasted the sticker we gave them on their drawer. I also got a discout from the kind and pretty Unnie… 🙂




We went back to the Glasses shop to collect our glasses which we ordered on D1… SRI_0485 SRI_0491 SRI_0494 

Oppa brought us to eat lunch the next day! He brought us to eat Vegetarian Bibimbap!

SRI_0457 SRI_0456

We even got discounts, and free gifts.


Such nice people. First met them in 2010. Met them again in 2012. (Liana met them again in 2013, and I met them again in 2014, on 2 separate trips to Seoul)

Hooray for friendship!

We went to various cafes…

Lomo Cafe in Hongdae

Kona Beans

Kona Beans

We were sitting in the balcony of Holly’s coffee in Myeongdeong when we saw this.

Went to alleys and flea markets… and Shopped some more..

Hongdae Free Market

Hongdae Free Market



We also caught the non-verbal musical, JUMP!

Cheongyecheon Stream

We also sat at Han River, and walked along Cheongyecheon stream… and hung out at Hongdae on Saturday night and listened to talented buskers. We did a lot of coffee-drinking and people-watching.

By the end of the 16 days, Seoul was a blur, but we had a good time.

The early morning of D17, we headed to the airport… and we wondered, if we will ever have another trip such as this again.